Lawn Tractor Attachments for Various Gardening Activities

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By Lora Blandon

One of the main benefits of having a tractor for all of your lawn related works is that it can be used for a ton of different activities, and the best part is, you’ll just need to have the necessary attachments and nothing else. If you are somebody that loves gardening, this article is for you. Here we will provide comprehensive information about various lawn tractor attachments you’ll need in order to carry out different garden activities with ease. 

Lawn and Yard Cleanup Attachments

Lawn or yard clean-up is one of the prominent steps to get your lawn back to its perfect shape. The names mentioned below are some amazing tractor attachments that can help you with your spring-yard cleanup. 

Lawn Mower Bags 

If you’re all about keeping your lawn clean, leaves are no doubt your greatest enemies. Cleaning up all of the leaves manually is a task next to impossible if you’ve got a big lawn. In this case, using a Lawn Mower bag for the purpose is a very effective solution. When using a lawn mower bag, the job will be done quickly compared to using any other methods. 

Dump Carts  

When talking about cleanup attachments, dump carts are one of the first things you should have. They are a simple to use a machine that finds its use everywhere in your garden on a day-to-day basis. Whether it is taking out grass debris or moving wood from one corner of the garden to the other, Dump carts find their use everywhere. 

Lawn Sweepers

A lawn sweeper is another one of the must have attachments to achieve the goal of a clean and charming yard within a short time. Sweepers are very much useful in springtimes and help in getting rid of the wet and old leaves in your lawn. 

Lawn and Yard Maintenance Attachments

Working hard for a couple of hours and getting your lawn back to being perfect is just one side of the coin. If you choose to leave it that way for a while, the lawn will definitely go back to ruins and this is why maintenance is very important. Below are a few tractor attachments for lawn maintenance. 

Core Aerators

For those of you with a compacted lawn, aerators are a piece of good machinery to have. They help make holes in the soil which help fertilizer, water, and air penetrate into the ground and promote healthy growth of the grass. Not all lawns need an aerator but if you find that your’s does, getting one is a clever decision. 


Having dead and decaying grass and stems is a pretty common situation in most lawns. If a higher amount of decaying grass blades is present, it prevents the grass from growing healthily. A dethatcher helps remove such decaying material from the soil and promotes the healthy growth of grass. 

Lawn Mower Rollers 

If there is one thing that is preventing your lawn grass from going overboard, it has to be a lawn mower. When it comes to lawn maintenance machines, a lawn mower is the first thing that comes to thought. There are many types of lawn mowers available in the market and roller lawn mowers are one of them. 

Pull Behind Spreaders 

Giving the grass water from time to time does help it to grow healthy but that’s not all. Adding fertilizers and other types of food to the soil is an essential part of keeping the lawn healthy and beautiful. Adding fertilizer manually to a large lawn is not easy and in that case, using a pull-behind spreader will get the job done easily. 

Lawn Striping and Mulching 

If you are someone that goes to a golf course frequently, you might have observed that the grass in such areas has beautiful stripes. Having that on your lawn as well is surprisingly a very simple process. Such wonderful stripes are achieved by a mowing technique called striping. 

Lawn Mower Sprayers 

Lawn mower sprayers have a similar purpose as pull behind spreaders, while spreaders are used for spreading fertilizers around the lawn, sprayers help in spraying liquid form of fertilizers and other food for the grass to help in healthy growth of the grass.

Lawn Tractor Attachments For Winter

By attaching the below mentioned attachments to your lawn tractor, you can effectively tackle the winter season. 

Lawn Mower Snow Blower 

If you live in an area where it almost never stops snowing in winter, then it’s very likely that your lawn will get completely covered in snow by the end of winter. In this case, using a lawn mower snow blower for getting rid of that snow is a very good solution. 

Lawn Mower Snow Plows  

Instead of purchasing a whole nother tractor efficient enough to get rid of snow, attaching it with a snow plow is a good option. Doing so helps you effectively get rid of snow on your lawn and around our house as well. 

Tire Chains 

Another helpful attachment to your lawn tractor that can help you in the winter months is Tire chains. It helps you clear out your lawn and remove all of the snow from it. Another good thing is that you won’t take too long to get the job done. 

What are the popular brands that offer the best lawn tractor attachments?

Now that we have discussed different types of attachments helpful for different situations, let's talk about some popular brands that provide these attachments.


Craftsman is among the big names in the present-day market that offer amazing quality lawn mowers. Not only lawn mowers, they also offer other types of high-quality lawn related products. Lawn tractor attachments provided by Craftsman are pretty high quality and are highly chosen by many people. 


Husqvarna is a company famous for its motorcycles, lawn mowers, and many other types of products. Husqvarna also provides many different types of lawn products. They also offer many different types of lawn tractor attachments like lawn sweepers, sprayers, etc. Products from Husqvarna are mostly high quality and provide ease of use for the customer. 

John Deere 

John Deere is a huge company selling tons and tons of different products related to many different forms of work. They have pretty amazing lawn mowers but the lawn tractors provided by John Deere are top quality and the best in the market. Along with those, John Deere has a wide range of lawn tractor attachments to help you with anything. 

Cub Cadet 

Cub Cadet as well is another famous company for lawn products. They have everything from lawn mowers to lawn tractors and many more. All of their products including various types of lawn tractor attachments are reliable and last for quite a while. The products are not too highly-priced and are very durable. Cub Cadet also gets bonus points for customer satisfaction. 

Troy Bilt 

Troy Bilt is another excellent company where you can get lawn products. They offer a wide range of different lawn products like lawn mowers and tractor attachments etc. It is a really good brand from the customer’s point of view and will not disappoint you for sure. Their products are durable, highly efficient, and get the work done perfectly. 


This was our comprehensive guide to lawn tractor attachments. We have also mentioned the uses of each attachment so that you won’t have any trouble choosing the ones necessary for your lawn. If you’re done researching and would like to purchase some lawn tractor attachments, then check out the brands mentioned above for some high-quality lawn tractor attachments. 

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