7 Best Saw Horses You Can Buy In 2023

You’ll need a quality sawhorse if you want to make it easier for you to cut wood. A sawhorse help to keep your wood intact and in place while using a saw. A sawhorse can also support a circular saw or another tool for wood cutting purposes. But there are also many specifics that go into sawhorses, as you will see in this guide.

You will learn in this report about how to find a quality sawhorse that you can trust for your work needs. You will find many sawhorses that can handle varying amounts of weight, not to mention some models that are easy to prepare and set up in your workspace.

A Comparison of the 7 Best Saw Horses

Rockwell JawHorse RK9003
  • Weight Capacity (in pounds, for one horse) : 600
  • Clamps or Sawbucks : Adjustable and lockable clamp
  • Construction : Metal
  • Physical Layout Feature : Foot-pedal lever
Protocol Equipment Set of Two Sawhorses
  • Weight Capacity (in pounds, for one horse) : 1300
  • Clamps or Sawbucks: 2x4 support arms
  • Construction : Metal
  • Physical Layout Feature : Adjustable height
ToughBuilt Folding Sawhorse TB-C6000
  • Weight Capacity (in pounds, for one horse) : 1300
  • Clamps or Sawbucks : 2x4 support arms
  • Construction : Steel
  • Physical Layout Feature : Folding body
WORX Pegasus Multi-Function Table and Sawhorse
  • Weight Capacity (in pounds, for one horse) : 1000
  • Clamps or Sawbucks: Four separate clamps
  • Construction : Firm plastic
  • Physical Layout Feature : Leg locks
Tomax Portable Folding Sawhorse
  • Weight Capacity (in pounds, for one horse) : 275
  • Clamps or Sawbucks : Attach mounts
  • Construction : Metal
  • Physical Layout Feature : Anti-slip surface
Kastforce KF3003 Sawhorse
  • Weight Capacity (in pounds, for one horse) : 1100
  • Clamps or Sawbucks : 2x4 support arms
  • Construction : steel
  • Physical Layout Feature : Fast-opening legs
Metabo HPT 115445M Sawhorses
  • Weight Capacity (in pounds, for one horse) : 600
  • Clamps or Sawbucks : 4 sawbucks
  • Construction : Sturdy plastic
  • Physical Layout Feature : Shelf and cord hooks

Detailed Reviews of Top Sawhorses For Woodworking

1. Rockwell JawHorse RK9003 – Useful For Multiple Wood Bodies

You’ll need to ensure you can get your wood secured well on the sawhorse to ensure you can cut things well. The Rockwell JawHorse RK9003 features an adjustable clamp that you use for securing your wood. You can move the clamp inward or outward from the base. After you securely fit your wood, you can press down on the lever to lock the clamp in its place, thus preventing shifting.

You can also use a foot pedal to add additional force to the wood while in place. The foot pedal can handle up to 2,200 pounds of force while supporting a load capacity of 600 pounds. You can use this well when working on many cutting tasks, or when you have to keep a large amount of wood in one place for finishing or detailing purposes.

The stable sawhorse weighs 43 pounds, and it has foldable legs that make it easy for you to store and transport your model. You can keep the sawhorse working quickly and without the unit shifting or moving while you are cutting an item.


  • Secures solid and rounded wood applications alike
  • The full steel construction provides a firm body
  • The foot lever is easy to access and responds fast


  • You may still need to hold uneven weights when clamping
  • Does not include other supports outside its single clamp

2. Protocol Equipment Set of Two Sawhorses – Easy to Adjust Its Height

Some cutting tasks require you to adjust a sawhorse by height to make it easier for you to see what you are doing. The protocol makes its sawhorse with an adjustable height that helps you get better access to whatever you are using.

Both of horses Protocol sells in set come with adjustable legs that go from 25.5 to 32.5 inches in height. You can move the horse out to produce width of 42 inches for simple cutting.

Each horse has a 1,300-pound capacity. The galvanized steel bodies on each horse provide you with a firm layout that makes cutting easy to handle. The clamps on the ends can also support 2×4 wooden planks with ease.

You can even use the built-in carrying handles on each of these for your transport needs. The handles let you carry each horse with ease. The lightweight bodies make it easier for you to get everything out as you want it.


  • The height adjustment latches can lock up and secure your items in moments
  • Does not shift or shake when cutting
  • Supports most power saws


  • Does not do well with thicker wood
  • May be hard to align the horses at times

3. ToughBuilt Folding Sawhorse TB-C6000 – A Simplified Approach to Work

Not all saw horses have to be complicated, as this ToughBuilt model shows. With this folding horse, you can get a spot for cutting ready in moments. The steel horse can handle 1,300 pounds, and produce a fast layout for suitable use.

The 2×4 support arms will help you in securing basic wood applications, although it can also work for smaller items as necessary. The support arms provide a smooth layout for keeping the cutting work under control.

The legs can also be adjusted for your convenience. A series of small guide holes work on the legs alongside a few latches to help you secure the legs and their heights. The body produces a convenient approach for work.

The lightweight body of the ToughBuilt horse also provides you with a portable model for use. The steel horse weighs about eighteen pounds. You can also use the carry handle on this model for your convenience. The body also folds up well and can be stored in any small spot when not in use.


  • Zinc-plated surfaces provide smooth guides
  • Can be adjusted in height in moments
  • Secures various wood materials


  • Does not work for larger wood items
  • No storage features included

4. WORX Pegasus Multi-Function Table and Sawhorse – Ideal For Many Uses

Some sawhorses are designed for multiple projects. The WORX Pegasus table and horse features a flat layout that makes it easier for you to handle multiple tasks. The top part of the table can handle 300 pounds for basic work use, but it can also manage 1,000 pounds as a sawhorse.

Are four clamp locks on end of table. Two additional quick clamps are included help to keep your wood in place. The locks protect whatever wood you wish to use, including small and large wood applications alike.

The bottom part features storage spot for all your cutting tools. The bottom also works as base for keeping the horse intact and aligned. You can also convert the table in a few seconds by removing its locks and folding it down. The table and horse weigh a little over 25 pounds, so it should be easy to get ready and use.


  • Includes guides for circular saws and other moving saws
  • The top includes compartments for small tools and bits
  • Easy to open and close


  • The sturdy plastic body might wear out or scratch
  • Has at short clamping width of 18 inches

5. Tomax Portable Folding Sawhorse – Simple and Portable

Tomax makes its portable horse model in pairs, thus giving you two items that can work for various long wood planks and other large applications. Each Tomax horse features enough support for 275 pounds of material. The metal body features a rust-proof protective coat that keeps the horse strong and long-lasting.

The quick attach mounts help you add and remove tools in moments. The layout keeps the cutting work fast and efficient. These mounts are also useful when you need to keep your wood pieces in the same place for standard cutting purposes.

The cross braces on unit provide stable body. The anti-slip legs also keep everything in place, thus preventing anything from shifting or wearing.

A handle appears on top of each horse. The handle you carry the unit anywhere for later use. A single horse weighs about ten pounds, making it most compact and portable horse materials you can find today.


  • Works for all wood applications, including thick and thin items
  • Useful for detailing tasks
  • Can handle small and large cutting tools alike


  • Tough to align two horses with one another
  • Does not handle as much weight as other models

6. Kastforce KF3003 Sawhorse – Helpful For Tables

You can produce a temporary work table through your sawhorse if you wish to get extra help for your work needs. The Kastforce KF3003 sawhorse gives you the opportunity to produce a good setup for work.

The Kastforce model uses a set of 2×4 support arms on each horse. You can get a full weight capacity of 1,100 pounds on each horse, thus providing a better setup for use that works in moments. The full steel body of each horse provides a good layout for work that is easy to secure and arrange for use.

The feet are easy to move out and fold. The edges can open up in moments to produce a better approach for work that can start in moments.

A handle also appears in the middle part of the design. The handle helps you with carrying the horse around to various work sites. The lightweight body on the horse also helps you with carrying it without the body shifting, thus producing a simple arrangement for work purposes.


  • Simple layout for use
  • Each horse is light in weight
  • Can be aligned in moments


  • No storage spots
  • May be hard to level on some uneven spots

7. Metabo HPT 115445M Sawhorses – An All-Around Option

Your final choice among the best saw horses is this Metabo model. The pair of horses you will get from Metabo come with firm plastic features, and they also have a pair of sawbucks on each one. The sawbucks can handle a 2×4 flat on its side for supporting a wood table or other setup.

A few small tables can be found on the bottom of each horse. The table is useful for storing tools while the horse is open. You can use this feature for handling wood-cutting items.

A few locking features are on the bottom. The locking setups let you keep the horses down while open, thus ensuring they don’t become hard to use.

A series of the shelf and cord hooks also appear on the sides. These hooks provide a good body for securing the horses. Everything comes with a cumulative weight of about ten pounds, so you’ll have an easy time getting your items stored anywhere or transported for whatever use.


  • The horses are easy to set up
  • All parts are built-in
  • Can work by themselves on together depending on your preference


  • The plastic may wear out after a while
  • Hard to clean bits of wood off after use


What Is a Sawhorse?

A sawhorse is a unique tool that helps you plan your wood-cutting needs. A sawhorse is a small table or mechanism that you will secure a saw and wood on. You can place the wood on a spot to secure the body and keep the wood from shifting. Meanwhile, a saw will go on one part of the horse to ensure it stays intact. Whether it entails a manual saw or a circular saw, you can use a sawhorse to ensure the wood you cut is trimmed evenly and that you don’t risk anything being cut in one direction.

What makes a sawhorse different from a traditional bench is that a saw is light in weight and easy to transport. The horse is also suitable for basic wood cutting needs.

You can also use a sawhorse to keep large wood applications intact in a tall space. The layout makes it easier for you to detail or finish extremely specific wood applications that you want to use.

What Wood Can You Handle?

A sawhorse can work for wood in many forms. In most cases, the sawhorse is ideal for larger planks, particularly 2×4 and 4×4 wood. Flat layers of wood may also be supported, although the ability of your sawhorse to work will vary based on the specific horse you have. Check on the capabilities of your sawhorse to see how it can manage wood well enough.

What to Look For In a Sawhorse?

Check on the following points when looking for a useful sawhorse:

1. Clamping items or sawbucks

You will require secure clamping items around your sawhorse to keep your wood intact. Check on how your horse is designed to handle various items of note.

You can also use sawbucks on your sawhorse. Sawbucks are items that hold the wood in place through a few open slots. These sawbucks are shaped to fit specific bits of wood.

2. Adjustability

You need a sawhorse that can be easy to adjust. The model can feature adjustable height or a series of clamps that can be positioned around various parts of the horse.

3. Support for various tools

Many sawhorses come with openings or bodies that help you use various cutting tools. A horse may include guides for circular saws or other automatic tools.

There may still be times when you have to cut a part of the wood that protrudes from outside the sawhorse. The wood should still be anchored well on the sawhorse to where you can trim it off without a problem.

4. Weight capacity

Make sure your sawhorse can handle enough weight at a time. A table should be capable of handling many objects at a time, including both the wood and your cutting tool.

5. Assembly setup

Look for a sawhorse that is easy to set up and assemble. The model should be one that you can open and close, but also something that will stay in its position and will not potentially break apart or wear with regular use.

6. Construction material

Plastic is a popular material for sawhorses, although metal might be stronger and capable of handling more weight. Be sure you take note of how well your sawhorse is designed and that you can handle it well.

7. Storage

Not all sawhorses come with storage compartments. But the ones that do feature such storage bases will have room for many items, from cutting tools to batteries and other items needed for the work at hand.

8. Connections

Some horses can connect with one another. This is for cases where you have two or more of the same horse, or if you have horses from the same manufacturer. Check on your model to see how compatible it may be with different horse designs. Also, some horses are sold in pairs to give you enough room for supporting larger planks of wood that need extra help.

What About Other Tasks?

A sawhorse could also double as a workbench for various tasks. However, the horse’s arrangement and openings may it more suitable for wood cutting tasks. You can still use the horse for holding other items if necessary.

Creating a Table

Many sawhorses are designed in pairs. With this, you can attach a few wood planks to the sides of each and connect the two horses to one another. You can then add a wood board on top to produce a table for temporary project support for storage. This could also work when you have large sheets of wood or other items that need extra help for trimming or cutting purposes. The design provides a useful body, but you should avoid adding more weight than what the wood for support can handle.

Which sawhorse is the best?

The best option for a sawhorse to use is the Rockwell JawHorse RK9003. This model uses a great body for handling wood, while the clamp lets you keep various forms of wood in their place. You can also use this to handle hundreds of pounds of weight at a time, thus making it suitable for various work projects. Rockwell especially made this with detailing work in mind, thus making it a more versatile choice for your needs.


The choices yo sawhorse are varied, but you should look at how well each of them can work for you. You can convenient sawhorse ready for many handyman tasks and activities with ease. You’ll to ensure that whatever you wish to cutting purposes is planned well enough. The horse you choose should manage all your cutting while also being easy to plan out and use.

You must sure that whatever you hire for your work needs is easy to layout and start using. You can get a good horse plan on doing with it, and the arranged for your work needs.

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