Best Legal Self Defense Weapons To Keep You Safe

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By Lora Blandon

As today’s world is apparently way too far away from being completely safe and perfect, self-defense has become a vital need. Bad and ugly situations don’t knock on the door before coming so being prepared for such circumstances can prove to be very helpful. To help you do that, we have compiled a list of the 11 best self-defense weapons that are of course legal to use. All of the self-defense weapons mentioned here are both easy to carry around and very effective in not very pleasant situations. 

List of Best Legal Weapons To Carry For Self Defense

1. A knife 

For any gender and any age group, a knife is the most common type of weapon for self-defense. They can be used for many different purposes, let’s assume that you are lost in a jungle for some reason, in such a situation, a knife can come in handy for doing different stuff. In a more realistic circumstance, a knife is a very good weapon to protect yourself with. Fighting with a knife of course needs a little bit of practice. Don’t be surprised if you get hurt a couple of times, it’s all a part of the learning journey. If you want to learn more about these knives then you must check out our guides on self-defense knives and tactical combat knives.

2. Get a Stun Gun

Stun guns are legal in most states, but some might not be okay with it. A stun gun can definitely seem to be a lot but it’s one of the most useful self-defense weapons you can come across. Remember to put it in a checked package rather than any random carry-on. It is good to be aware of the odds, so, we’re gonna spill the beans, there is a fair amount of chance you might get into trouble if you carry stun guns in public transportation without a permit. Some stun guns don’t need a permit while others do, so just look into the rules yourself to find out more.

3. The Legendary Pepper Spray

A pepper spray bottle is one of the most clear-cut and easy choices to make when it comes to self-defense weapons. It is lightweight, doesn’t require any training to use, no need for permits, can get through any security without getting into trouble. Regardless of all of this, pepper spray is extremely effective in any sort of situation. 

4. A Tactical Pen

If you are a traveler, this is a self-defense product that can protect you in ugly and dangerous situations. A tactical pen has LED lights, impact edges as well as tips capable of breaking glass. When used to protect yourself, a tactical pen does cause damage to the opponent and the surrounding but it is not made and is not capable of killing anyone so the weapon is completely legal. 

5. Flashlight

Here, we are not talking about the tiny keychain flashlights that barely have any weight. When you do choose to get a flashlight for self-defense, go for the one that is at least 10 to 12 inches. Another thing you should note is to have metal lights rather than plastic for extra efficiency. If it’s dark outside and you have to step out for some reason, a flashlight is a must. Flashing that light into the eyes of the attacker will blind them for a minute or two which is enough for you to come up with a plan to escape. 

6. A Safety Horn

It is definitely not a joke to get a safety horn for self-defense. Most of these safety horns are audible up to half a mile and can fit in a small space. It is extremely loud and enough to get the whole neighborhood awake. When such a loud noise is produced, the attacker wouldn’t do anything stupid like keep following you. If you are traveling in a forest that has live and free animals, such horns can help alert them beforehand so the chances of having surprise visits are less. 

7. Walking sticks

Walking sticks are by no means a compact self-defense weapon and they are pretty much an eye full to view. Regardless of how awkward walking around with a walking stick when you don’t need it is, it is a very helpful self-defense weapon. You’ll need to learn a special kind of martial arts technique to defend yourself with a walking stick. 

8. Self-Defense Key

Self-defense keys are a special type of keys that have a slight bellow which makes placing it between the fingers easier. The key looks very natural and will fit into your keychain like all of the other keys. It will come in very handy in situations where you’ll have to throw a powerful punch to escape. You can find many different kinds of self-defense keys online so, it’s up to you which model you choose. 

9. A Personal Alarm

What could scare an attacker more than the sound of a police siren? When we have knowledge of the ultimate source of scaring an attacker, it’s helpful to apply that to actual situations. Most personal alarm siren songs are very difficult to ignore and produce the most realistic siren sound that will make any attacker run away at jet speed. These personal alarms come with a keychain so you can attach other stuff like a flashlight to it. 

10. Knuckle gloves

These gloves are enough for you to catch a couple of eyes staring at you. You will find bits of steel in the knuckle areas of these gloves for extra efficiency. If you are in a situation where you are most likely to get into a fistfight with someone to protect yourself, these gloves are the best option. The fabric is very breathable which makes the gloves very comfortable to wear. 

11. Train yourself

You might be in situations where none of your self-defense weapons are in reach. As people say, problems don’t knock on the door before coming. So, one thing that will always stay with you is your body, and it’s very important to train it. Training yourself in martial arts and other fighting techniques is the greatest self-defense weapon you can find.  


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